Web Innovation Week 2020:

READINGS on New York
and Web Innovation

Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion and
the Reopening of NY Businesses During this Pandemic.

We focus on the Diversity and Inclusion of Women in Business, who share their voices on where Web Innovation is TODAY! Whether their background is in finance, technology, education, or entertainment, it will be an opportunity to inspire a conversation about NYC’s recovery during this pandemic and explore how we can move forward!

Celebrate with us as we dedicate August 23, 2020, to Diversity and Inclusion and the Reopening of NY Businesses during this time of the pandemic.

Lisa Faith Phillips

Thoughts on Innovation

W3C New York Metro Chapter Invited Subject Matter Expert.
Founder and executive producer of the Women’s Power Tool Kit podcast and a digital strategy consultant.

Raesha Cartagena

Web Innovation in the Classroom

Raesha Cartagena, Public Relations and Marketing Director for FortuneTimes Group.

Victoria Burdo

The New Permanent Norm

Victoria Burdo is a banking professional and an adjunct professor for the MBA in Financial Services program at Metropolitan College of New York.

Rachel Yager

Rachel Yager

Founder and CEO of FortuneTimes Group

Rachel Yager is the Executive Director of WebInnovationX and the W3C NY Metro Chapter. She is also an educator, a professor and directs the MBA programs in financial, healthcare, and media management at the Metropolitan College of New York.